At Global Security Glazing our service extends beyond our products. We offer assistance with design solutions, technical support, and customer service support from price quotation to product delivery.

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Architectural Assistance

The sales team at Global Security Glazing can assist you with your protective glass requirements. When faced with the issues of security performance, aesthetics, safety concerns, constructability or budgeting, we can offer the assistance to help you make a successful glass choice.


Global Security Glazing offers the following AIA approved architectural presentation:

Designing with Security Glazing in Commercial Buildings

AIA CES Registered Course Number: GSG101

Course Description

This course will cover the basics in security glazing for commercial buildings such as prisons, hospitals, police stations and government buildings such as courthouses and embassies. Types of security glazing covered in this course will focus on forced entry and ballistic requirements. Typical installations, required testing by product type and how to correctly specify products will be reviewed.

Learning Objectives

  •   Understand the different types of Security Glass and their applications
  •   Understand the various test and performance levels of Security Glass
  •   Understand the safety and levels of protection that is achieved with Security Glass
  •   Understand how Security Glass is properly installed to meet required performance levels

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