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Insulated Bullet Resistant Glazing

Insulated Bullet Resistant Glazing

Global Security Glazing is a leading single source for security and architectural glazing requirements.  The company is a member of the Vitro Certified Fabricator Program (Formerly PPG)  and Guardian Select Program for high-performance Low-E glass, which allows our security products to comply with the most stringent energy codes.  Our line of architectural security products can also incorporate a full line of tinted substrates, etched surfaces, and ceramic frit printing.

For insulated bullet resistant or forced entry glazing, we recommend insulating any of our Secur-Tem + Poly glass clad polycarbonate products from the Bullet Resistant and Detention Glazing section of our product selection guide.  For more information on overall thickness, weight, and thermal properties, please contact the Architectural Security Sales Division at 1-866-412-6977 or at