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LEXGARD™ Laminates

LEXGARD Laminates

Security Glazing , Bullet Resistant, Detention, Forced Entry & Containment Laminates, Laminated Polycarbonate

More than 20 years ago LEXGARD™ Laminates was established by GE Plastics as the leading source world-wide for high quality security laminated polycarbonates.  In 2007, Global Security Glazing purchased the assets of the GE Plastics’ laminating facility in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  This acquisition included the addition of the LEXGARD™ brand to the organization’s wide range of security glazing products and over 60 years of manufacturing experience.

Recognized around the globe for quality and highly engineered products, LEXGARD™ Laminates has the product and solution for your security glazing challenges.  LEXGARD™ products combine polycarbonate with polyurethane interlayers to achieve various levels of resistance to ballistic and physical attack.  Exposed polycarbonate surfaces have an abrasion resistant surface.

All of our products are certified and fully tested to meet specific standards and threat levels for ballistic, attack, and blast resistance.  Bullet Resistant products are UL listed and tested to a wide range of “no-spall” protection levels.  Forced Entry products have been tested by the most recognized specifications in the Detention industry.  The chart below provides a quick reference for product choices.  Find out more about our LEXGARD™ products and see why we are the industry leader in security glazing.

LEXGARD™ – Laminated Polycarbonates BULLET RESISTANT

UL Level 1 MP 750 3/4″ 4.76 9mm Full Metal Jacket with Lead Core Specification Data.pdf
UL Level 2 HP 875 7/8″ 5.49 .357 Magnum Jacketed Lead Soft Point Specification Data.pdf
UL Level 2 MP 1000 1″ 6.41 .357 Magnum Jacketed Lead Soft Point Specification Data.pdf
UL Level 3 SP-1250 1 1/4″ 7.97 .44 Magnum Lead Semi-Wadcutter Gas Checked Specification Data.pdf
UL Level 6 RS1250 1 1/4″ 7.97  9mm Uzi Full Metal Jacket with Lead Core Specification Data.pdf

LEXGARD™ – Laminated Polycarbonates DETENTION

LEXGARD MPC 375 3/8″ (2 ply) 2.30 ASTM F1233 Class III/ASTM 1915 Grade 3
HP White Level II-TP-0500.02
Specification Data.pdf
LEXGARD MPC 500 1/2″ (3 ply) 3.10 ASTM F1233 Class III /ASTM 1915 Grade 2
HP White Level II- TP-0500.02 / WMFL Level II
Specification Data.pdf
LEXGARD RC 750 3/4″ (3 ply) 4.76 ASTM F1233 Class IV /ASTM 1915 Grade 1
HP White Level III-TP-0500.02
Specification Data.pdf
LEXGARD MP 1000 1″ (4 ply) 6.41 ASTM F1233 Class V
HP White Level IV-TP-0500.02
Specification Data.pdf
LEXGARD SP 1250 1 1/4″ (4 ply) 7.97 ASTM F1233 Class V/ASTM 1915 Grade 1
HP White Level V-TP-0500.02 / WMFL Level I
Specification Data.pdf
Lexan MR10 (AR2) 1/2″ (Monolithic) 3.12 ASTM F1233 Class II /ASTM 1915 Grade 4
HP White Level I-TP-0500.02
Specification Data.pdf