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Storage & Handling

Storage & Handling

The following guidelines should be taken to avoid damage to glazing received at a job site:

A. Glazing Receipt

Schedule receipt to minimize job site storage and additional handling. Reduce handling by scheduling packaging by floors. Locate crated glazing as close to their installation as possible. Additional handling increases risk of damage created by multiple relocations.

Inspect each shipment at time of delivery; note on the Bill of Lading any evidence of damage, abuse, or moisture and have carrier driver acknowledge by signature these issues. Open immediately any crate or packages shipment, preferably with the driver present, which shows any exterior indication of suspected damaged noted on the Bill of Lading. If damaged is confirmed, immediately contact the carrier agency and request an inspection of the shipment by their contracted auditing group.

B. Glazing Storage

Store crated glazing in a cool, dry, shady, well-ventilated area where it will not be subjected to moisture or direct sun.

Obtain a statement from the project structural engineer as to the maximum total weight of crates that can be stored at each proposed location.

If not opened immediately, cover crates with waterproof plastic or canvas. Air circulation is needed under, across the top, around the side between the containers to minimize the risk of condensation.

Ensure that crates are secured or positioned in locations that eliminate heavy winds from overturning.